This weekend I had the honor of attending the Grand Opening of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, OH. In addition, I’m humbled to be a part of this, and it’s totally weird to have my stupid face all over this place. It’s a tribute to the 41-MILLION veterans who have served during our Country’s History and I’m amazed to be a part of it. And of the two dozen veterans filmed for the exhibits I was the only Asian-American veteran in the bunch, a responsibility I don’t take lightly. Which is why my career post-Army, as goofy as it is, still tries to uphold the Army values. If we Veterans are going to claim the honor of that title we need to act like it. Live Loyally, Dutifully, Respectfully, Selflessly, Honorably & with Integrity & Personal Courage. If I do anything with my life now, it’s to show fellow veterans that you can be a good solider without wearing the uniform. Be the good Americans we want the world to believe we are. Airborne. All the Way.

Thom Tran – Staff Sergeant, US Army (R)