The Hilarious World of Depression

I’m this week’s guest on a fantastic podcast called The Hilarious World of Depression where I talk to host John Moe about how depression has affected my life as both a soldier and as a stand up comic. I think it’s a really important show for those of us who have had to live through depression, both chronic and caused by trauma. You can listen by clicking on the link above or at all the usual podcast places. Thank you!

KROQ’s No-Limit Comedy!

I’ll be back on stage with the homie Brad Williams and comedy killers Jenny Johnson, Erik Griffin and Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz for the KROQ No-Limit Comedy Show at Hollywood Park Casino! Get details and ticket info HERE or on my TOUR DATES page.

Leading Authorities, Inc.

I’m honored to announce that I’ll be jumping into the Public Speaking & Motivational Speaking arenas, and now being represented Leading Authorities, Inc based out of Washington, DC. LAI is an amazing agency that also represent speakers like GEN. Stanley McCrystal, Robert O’Neil, Laila Ali, James Clapper & other history makers (if you don’t know who those people are, you really should). I had to make sure they knew I was just a comic. They were like, “Yeah, we know.” This won’t affect my commercial, theatric or comedy representation. I’ll just be busier.

Thank You!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that supported Team Vets Seen on TV during February’s “Run Ranger Run” fundraiser to support the Gallant Few, Inc helping my fellow veterans transition successfully into civilian life. Thanks to you, Run Ranger Run hit it’s fundraising goal, and “Team Vets Seen on TV” ran/ walked/ biked nearly 1,000 miles to help! Rangers Lead The Way!

Co-Star on NCIS: Los Angeles!

I wasn’t sure when I could say anything about this, but seeing as how Entertainment Weekly just published a photo with me in the scene, I guess it’s fair game. I’ll be appearing on an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles in early 2018 as a guest star. Don’t get excited, it was a couple of lines, and a couple of words, but hey, it was a fun couple days of shooting!

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Los Angeles based comedian, musician, and U.S. military veteran and advocate Thom Tran started his career as a standup comic after a combat injury ended his career as a soldier.

Thom enlisted in the United States Army at 18 years old before he even finished high school. After joining the Army, Thom spent his entire career as a Communications Sergeant as well as a Civil Affairs Sergeant within the United States Army’s Special Operations Community. In 2003, four days after crossing the border into Iraq, Thom was wounded during a firefight when a sniper’s bullet found it’s way to the back of his skull. He bandaged himself up, continued the mission, and finished his 12 month tour in Iraq. But his wounds would eventually bring an end to his military life. After redeploying to the United States, Thom was medically retired in 2005.

Post-combat, comedy saved his life. After touring the United States as a road comic, Thom moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and two years later created The GIs of Comedy Tour, a Comedic Troupe of Troops that has toured all over the United States and to 18 different countries performing to audiences both military and civilian, bringing the healing power of laughter to those who need it the most. The group has raised nearly $20,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a charity that raises college scholarship funds for the children of fallen US Special Operations personnel.

When Thom isn’t on the road he makes his home in Hollywood, CA performing at The World Famous Laugh Factory & clubs all over SoCal.

Recently, Thom’s love of rock and roll finds him back on stage playing lead guitar for a heavy metal band and cover band he co-founded called The Divebar Rockstars playing bars and nightclubs in Southern California!

Upcoming Shows

07 Nov 2018 Thom Tran Wilsonville, OR ( USA ) Private Event Private Event
09 Nov 2018 Thom Tran Columbia, SC ( USA ) USC - Columbia USC - Columbia
17 Nov 2018 The Dive Bar Rockstars Oxnard, CA ( USA ) Copper Blues Rock Pub Copper Blues Rock Pub
15 Dec 2018 Thom Tran Oxnard, CA ( USA ) Private Event Private Event

Past Shows

12 Oct 2018 The Dive Bar Rockstars Brea, CA ( USA ) Copper Blues Rock Rub Copper Blues Rock Rub
10 Oct 2018 Thom Tran Long Beach, CA ( USA ) Laugh Factory - Long Beach Laugh Factory - Long Beach
30 Sep 2018 Thom Tran Long Beach, CA ( USA ) Laugh Factory - Long Beach Laugh Factory - Long Beach
29 Sep 2018 The Dive Bar Rockstars Oxnard, CA ( USA ) Copper Blues Rock Pub & Kitchen Copper Blues Rock Pub & Kitchen
28 Sep 2018 Thom Tran Hollywood, CA ( USA ) Laugh Factory - Hollywood Laugh Factory - Hollywood
02 Sep 2018 Thom Tran Chicago, IL ( USA ) Laugh Factory - Chicago Laugh Factory - Chicago
30 Aug 2018 Thom Tran Ontario, CA ( USA ) Ontario Improv Ontario Improv
28 Aug 2018 The GIs of Comedy Oxnard, CA ( USA ) Oxnard Levity Live Oxnard Levity Live
26 Aug 2018 Thom Tran Oxnard, CA ( USA ) Levity Live Oxnard Levity Live Oxnard
25 Aug 2018 Thom Tran Oxnard, CA ( USA ) Levity Live Oxnard Levity Live Oxnard

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