Sunset Magazine Readers Choice Awards!

I am a Finalist in Sunset Magazine‘s Readers Choice Awards? WHAT?? First of all, let me start by saying I have no idea how this happened. I mean, I contacted the magazine and they told me what happened, but seriously, how did I wind up here? I’m listed next to two of my favorite comedians? C’mon! Secondly, I in no way think I am on the level of Ali Wong or Brian Reagan but it you want to vote, you can cast your vote HERE. Voting ends on June 14th (the U.S. Army’s Birthday! Seems appropriate.)

Straight Outta C-130!

“C-130 Rollin’ Down the Strip! 64 Rangers on a one Way Trip!”

In honor of National Airborne Day 2019 (August 16th), Check out my new LIMITED EDITION Airborne T-Shirt, “Straight Outta C-130”! Super High Quality & SUPER LIMITED. 10 each of each Size, Small, Medium, Large & X-Large! Get one NOW at my SHOP page!

Salute The Troops Fest!

I said yes to doing this show before I looked at the rest of the lineup, and it’s a MONSTER! I’ll be in Pomona, CA at The Glass House for the Salute The Troops Festival featuring… wait for it… Adam Corolla, Rob Riggle, Greg Fitzsimmons, Snoop Dogg, Red Man, Method Man, Ghost Face Killah, Cheat Codes, Three Beards, New Power Generation, and so many more! Get tickets at!

2019 GIs of Comedy USAF Tour!

The GIs of Comedy are going BACK on tour for our 2019 US Air Force base tour! We went out in 2017 and performed at 15 different USAF bases across the country! Well, the 2019 is going to be bigger! MUCH BIGGER! A full tour announcement is on the way, so follow The GIs of Comedy on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for details! @gisofcomedy. I’m I’ll be posting tour dates here as well!

Larry Charles’ “Dangerous World of Comedy”!

The news dropped this morning! The GIs of Comedy and I were asked to be featured on the Netflix Docu-Series, “Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy” which premieres on Feb 15th on Netflix!

Larry Charles is one of the creative geniuses and writer, director, producer of shows like Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage and films like Borat, The Dictator & Religulous!

Watch the trailer here!

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Los Angeles based comedian, musician, and U.S. military veteran and advocate Thom Tran started his career as a standup comic after a combat injury ended his career as a soldier.

Thom enlisted in the United States Army at 18 years old before he even finished high school. After joining the Army, Thom spent his entire career as a Communications Sergeant as well as a Civil Affairs Sergeant within the United States Army’s Special Operations Community. In 2003, four days after crossing the border into Iraq, Thom was wounded during a firefight when a sniper’s bullet found it’s way to the back of his skull. He bandaged himself up, continued the mission, and finished his 12 month tour in Iraq. But his wounds would eventually bring an end to his military life. After redeploying to the United States, Thom was medically retired in 2005.

Post-combat, comedy saved his life. After touring the United States as a road comic, Thom moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and two years later created The GIs of Comedy Tour, a Comedic Troupe of Troops that has toured all over the United States and to nearly two dozen different countries performing to audiences both military and civilian, bringing the healing power of laughter to those who need it the most. In 2019, Thom & several members of the GIs of Comedy appeared on the Netflix series, “Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy.” and will tour nearly 30 US Air Force bases across the continental US. The group has raised over $20,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a charity that raises college scholarship funds for the children of fallen US Special Operations personnel.

When Thom isn’t on the road he makes his home in Hollywood, CA performing at The World Famous Laugh Factory & clubs all over SoCal, and occasionally does some acting, co-starring on Black-is on ABC and SEAL Team & NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS.

Recently, Thom’s love of rock and roll finds him back on stage playing lead guitar for a heavy metal band and cover band he co-founded called, The Thom Tran Band, playing bars and nightclubs in Southern California!

Upcoming Shows

06 Sep 2019 Thom Tran Hollywood, CA ( USA ) TBA TBA
08 Sep 2019 Thom Tran Burbank, CA ( USA ) Flappers Comedy Club Flappers Comedy Club
13 Sep 2019 Thom Tran Long Beach, CA ( USA )
20 Sep 2019 Thom Tran Hollywood, CA ( USA )
27 Sep 2019 Thom Tran Long Beach, CA ( USA )
17 Oct 2019 The GIs of Comedy F.E. Warren AFB, WY ( USA )
18 Oct 2019 The GIs of Comedy Colorado Springs, CO ( USA )
19 Oct 2019 The GIs of Comedy Colorado Springs, CO ( USA )
23 Oct 2019 The GIs of Comedy Edwards AFB, CA ( USA )
25 Oct 2019 The GIs of Comedy Luke AFB, AZ ( USA )

Past Shows

21 Aug 2019 The GIs of Comedy Atlantic City, NJ ( USA ) The Borgata Music Box The Borgata Music Box
04 Aug 2019 The GIs of Comedy Oxnard, CA ( USA ) Oxnard Levity Live Oxnard Levity Live
03 Aug 2019 Thom Tran Hollywood, CA ( USA ) Laugh Factory - Hollywood Laugh Factory - Hollywood
02 Aug 2019 Thom Tran Long Beach, CA ( USA ) Laugh Factory - Long Beach Laugh Factory - Long Beach
18 Jul 2019 Thom Tran Ontario, CA ( USA ) Ontario Improv Ontario Improv
17 Jul 2019 Thom Tran Long Beach, CA ( USA ) Laugh Factory - Long Beach Laugh Factory - Long Beach
12 Jul 2019 Thom Tran Burbank, CA ( USA ) Flappers Comedy Club Flappers Comedy Club
06 Jul 2019 Thom Tran Buffalo, NY ( USA ) 9th Ward @ Babeville 9th Ward @ Babeville
03 Jul 2019 The GIs of Comedy Dover AFB, DE ( USA ) TBA TBA
27 Jun 2019 Thom Tran Oxnard, CA ( USA ) Levity Live - Oxnard Levity Live - Oxnard

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