2019 GIs of Comedy USAF Tour!

The GIs of Comedy are going BACK on tour for our 2019 US Air Force base tour! We went out in 2017 and performed at 15 different USAF bases across the country! Well, the 2019 is going to be bigger! MUCH BIGGER! A full tour announcement is on the way, so follow The GIs of Comedy on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for details! @gisofcomedy. I’m I’ll be posting tour dates here as well!

Larry Charles’ “Dangerous World of Comedy”!

The news dropped this morning! The GIs of Comedy and I were asked to be featured on the Netflix Docu-Series, “Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy” which premieres on Feb 15th on Netflix!

Larry Charles is one of the creative geniuses and writer, director, producer of shows like Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage and films like Borat, The Dictator & Religulous!

Watch the trailer here!