What’s The Deal??

I’ve been asked what’s with the lack of standup dates. As some of you know I’ve been executive producing a new television series called “Comedy Stir Fry” that will start airing later this summer, so I’m knee deep in post-production and getting the episodes ready to air! So I’ll be doing a few sets here and there in Los Angeles, but I’ll have news about a big GIs of Comedy tour coming up this fall! In the meantime, watch me TONIGHT at 10 PM on the show AMERICA with Jorge Ramos on Fusion TV, and the GIs have a big show with The American hitmen rock band in Phoenix on the 4th of July!

Country Fried Metal!

This is what happens when a country guy and a metal guy get together for a jam session! With my good buddy Phil Vandel at the 2014 NCOA Convention in Las Vegas! We call it Country Fried Metal! Well, I call it that. Phil calls it a regretful afternoon of drinking and jamming. More to come!